Pern and Anne MacCaffrey Links

A few links to sites by and about Anne MacCaffrey and her most popular series of Pern.

Anne MacCaffrey homepage: Official Homepage
Year of Pern: Publisher's celebration of Pern
Igen Weyr: Online Weyr
Onyx Cliff Weyr: Online Weyr
Online Dragonlover's Guide Index: Index to Pern
PERNtinent Information: Pern Resource Center
Plants of Pern: Listing of all plants mentioned
Pern Faqs: All the answers
Pernring Index: All the pern pages on the ring
As Pern Turns: Voting Information
Jocky Club of Pern: Online Racing
Dragonriders of Pern: Links and Info
Stefan' Shrine: Info and Links
Pern: Links and info

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